The Colorado Right to Rest Act is still coming in 2017… Stay tuned…

Posted on March 14, 2017 by Jonathan

A quick update for all. Don’t lose heart, the Colorado Right to Rest Act is still going to be introduced, heard and voted on at the Colorado State Capitol in 2017. It is just going to be a bit latter in the session this year – meaning sometime between now and May. As so much intense action is going on at the Capitol this year it is best to wait until later in the session. This means there is going to be a very short window of time between when the bill is introduced and when it goes to hearing. So…

Lets get ready! If you have not yet read the CO Right to Rest Act FAQ we recommend you do so to be better prepared to educate the legislators when the time comes You can also read many other materials at to get more educated on what the bill says and what it will and will not do

Also, check out this rad image created by artist Susanne van der meer about what the bill would do.



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