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Welcome to Without Housing Organizer ToolKit 

In 2006, WRAP published a Without Housing report that clearly showed the world why America’s “approach” to ending homelessness has been overwhelmingly ineffective. In 2010, we updated the report, now available in both English and Spanish.

In the beginning of 2012 WRAP created a Organizers’ Toolkit, we offer it here to any community based organizing effort, be it Rural or Urban. We offer it in order to preserve and build on what we already know to be fact and we will add to it as we move forward in the work we are doing.Organizer Toolkit

The Toolkit is focused broadly enough on the federal government so that any group in the country can use it to do inclusive social-justice community organizing. It is designed as a tool with which we can educate ourselves as we continue the struggle for our right to exist in dignity.

How to Download:

We set this up so you can download each section separately (click on each section title) or below you can download the whole toolkit. We strongly encourage everyone to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. attention Paul Boden and let us know you have accessed the Toolkit and give us feedback, questions or ideas!


  • Who we are, why we created this toolkit and ways we hope you will use it.

Glossary of Terms

  • Definition of key terms frequently used in the toolkit.

Power Point Presentation

  • Power point presentation consisting of 29 slides.woh1

Presentation Talking Points

  • Highlighted facts directly related to each slide in the power point presentation to generate relevant discussions.

Criminalization Fact Sheet

  • Updated Fact Sheet on criminalization campaigns from Jim Crow, Anti-Okie to todays' Broken Windows Laws.

Housing Fact Sheet

  • Updated Fact Sheet on Federal Housing budget trends.

Media Talking Points

  • Prep document for media interviews, press conferences and articles, public education documents.

Cliff Notes

  • Chapter by Chapter summary of 2010 Without Housing Report update. We recommend you download report when using this section.

Study Group Work

  • Workbook for groups to do in depth study and discussion of information found in report and toolkit. Again we recommend you download 2010 Without Housing Report update when using this section.

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