Unhoused people silenced by Oregon legislature

Unhoused people silenced by Oregon legislature

In an unprecedented act of disrespect, the Right To Rest Act HB – 215 will not get a chance for a hearing in Oregon this year. In spite of an unprecedented seven co-sponsors, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Representative…

Tiny Home Clean Up Work Day!

We need your help! As we come closer and closer to the time when we will be building tiny homes at Beloved Community Village…we first need to clean up the land we have been using to store some materials for…

The Non-Solution Solutions to End Homelessness

Researched in collaboration with the 9 WRAP members: Denver Homeless Out Loud, Los Angeles Community Action Network, St. Mary’s Center, Street Spirit, San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, Street Roots, Sisters of the Road and Right2Survive. It…